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Our responsibility

Thoughtful packaging

Packaging is a key element in the protection of our garments on their journey from production site to store, both for our customers to enjoy them and in respect of the resources and materials put into them.

In 2019, Masai addressed the use of packaging and especially plastic in our supply chain, and our strategy now builds on three main principles:

1) Switch from virgin plastic to recycled plastic wherever possible – we might as well use some of the plastic already in the world, instead of adding more
2) Reduction of plastic use, wherever possible and meaningful
3) Use FSC®-certified carton packaging wherever possible

New technology is driving a fast-paced development in this area, and Masai ensures it keeps up to date, to enable us to continuously make the most responsible choices.

Our suppliers

At our core, we are a Danish design brand, established in the heart of Copenhagen. But we are also deeply connected to the wider world, partnering with suppliers in other parts of the world.