Committed to thoughtfulness

Care guide

At Masai we design for you to enjoy your items for a long time. Each piece can be worn season after season, and with the help of our care advice, not only will your items last longer, but you will also make more sustainable choices as you find joy in each item for seasons to come. Caring for your garments is the environmentally responsible thing to do, and being committed to thoughtfulness, we believe that every little act of care count.


Easy acts of care

1) Always follow the washing instructions

… as described on a style’s care label 

2) Use liquid detergent

… instead of powder. Tiny grains of powder create friction that can damage the fibres of your clothes, and thereby reduce the lifespan of your garment.

3) Wash a full load

This will lessen the friction between the textiles, and it’s the environmentally friendly thing to do, too. 

4) Wash at low temperatures

… and set your machine to wash on the shortest possible cycle. Not only will your electricity bill and the environment benefit, but your clothes will also last longer.

5) Dry cleaning

… is sometimes necessary, but not as often as you may think. Many modern washing machines now have gentle care programmes, such as steaming, which might be enough for your needs.

6) Gentle spot cleaning and a good airing

Instead of washing your pieces often, try a combination of gentle spot cleaning and a good airing. A night out on a drying line can remove all evidence of a night out dancing at no cost to you or the environment.

How to care for


How to care for


How to care for


How to care for


How to care for