Thoughtfully designed in Copenhagen

About Masai

Inspired by women

Masai was established in 1992 by two siblings in Copenhagen. We cherish our Danish heritage and our Danishness is rooted in the way we design, our view on life and the world around us. We are open-minded and have an inclusive approach to fashion which means we are inspired by real women of all cultures, ages and body types.

We design thoughtful, long lasting collections with artistic influences, and our signature shapes are designed with movement, comfort and a flattering effortless look. We communicate thoughtfulness as a way of life being engaged and passionate, but also as a way of operating our business when it comes to design and production of our collections.

We want to present the story of lives lived by real women – women of character.

Masai is thoughtfully designed in Copenhagen and inspired by women.


At Masai we design for all kinds of women – real women of all cultures, all ages and all body types. We want to present the stories of lives lived by real women – women of character.

In the heart of Copenhagen

Masai’s headquarters are located in the centre of the old part of Copenhagen, in a beautiful old red brick building across the street from Nyboder – a part of the town built at the behest of King Christian IV in the 1600s to house the growing naval community of Copenhagen.

This is where we design from – deeply rooted in a historic part of Copenhagen, the part of the town that has always prized travel and an international outlook as important values to live by. We are located amidst buzzing street life, quaint shops and restaurants, designing with inspiration from Copenhagen and the world around us. In this we are not alone. Danish design has a penchant for combining a certain sense of wearability with elegance and, since we’re a small country, values such as being open-minded and inclusive are deeply instilled in our creative tradition.

At Masai we draw on all these inputs and view them as part of our foundation for looking outwards and being a responsible creator of Timeless Creativity for vibrantly inspiring women everywhere.